Beauty Traveler

It is not difficult to find out when there is always a "friend" at the airport Check in, and then a "washing" of travels ranging from a few days to a dozen days. If you are also about to embark on a journey, remember that punching is important, but be sure to read the following travel skin tips before you leave! When traveling, the skin is prone to lack of water. When traveling abroad, the jet lag problem also imposes a heavy burden on the skin. To keep a mirror on your journey, be sure to keep your skin in top shape!

1. Strong hydration on the night before boarding the plane

It is recommended to apply a mask, FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment  can effectively prevent dry skin and water shortage caused by long-term stay in the air conditioning environment.



2. Prepare before makeup


When you are traveling, and if you want to make up, put on a thick essence and use together with Hitachi CMN58000 before you put on the foundation. The essence not only can make a protective film between the skin and the makeup powder, but also effectively prevent skin moisture loss!

3. Regular hydration


Moisturizing toner spray is definitely a must-have item for travel. On the road, the delicate PHILIPS BSC601 HydraCube Ultrasonic Revitalizing Sprayer with moisturizing toner can effectively help the skin to quickly replenish moisture, while making the foundation look more natural!

4. Help the skin to control oil

When the skin is in a dry environment, it will secrete more oil to protect the skin. But too much oil will cause acne, making the face look shiny, ugly! While traveling with FOREO LUNA GO oily skin cleanser to wash away the oil from the skin. Especially the T-zone area!

5. V shape face


If you want to have a V shape face, you need to use YAMAN RF Beauté Bloom. Its RF output is increased by 20%, heat is more efficiently transmitted to the bottom of the skin, activates collagen regeneration, and lifts and tightens, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

6. Rapid treatment of periocular edema


Play too hard core till midnight and becomes swollen eyes, Philips eye brightener massage  with 2 minutes of cool swelling mode, 4 minutes of warm soothing dryness and fatigue and 3 sections of detoxification firming, against dark circles and fine lines.

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