All-in-one beauty machine: Young&be Pro. HIFU Device




Young&be Pro. HIFU Device






All-in-one beauty machine: Young&be Pro. HIFU device is the world's first household HIFU beauty machine that can be used continuously without using gel, without changing heads and without any additional cost. Each stroke outputs 14 points of energy in two lines, and penetrates directly into the 1.5mm and 3mm bottom layers of the skin, enjoying a double deep care at one time, easily improving and firming the skin.


1) Regarding the question of whether using Young&be Pro. HIFU device with gel


Generally, Hifu machines need to use gel so that there is no space between the skin and the Hifu machine before hitting the bottom layer of the skin. However, Young&be Pro. HIFU device has an exclusive technology, which has some non- volatilized substances which is similar to water on the head of device. In addition, the design of the machine head itself well touches to skin, so Young&be Pro. HIFU device can be used directly without using gel.



2) Precautions of using Young&be Pro. HIFU Device

- If your skin is dry, sensitive and feeling tingling while using Young&be Pro. HIFU device, you can try applying a layer of serum before using.
- Essence is better than gel. Essence can be directly absorbed into the skin, and you don't need to rinse with water like a gel.



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