Don't think that it is healthy enough to exercise

Massage with micro-vibration EFFIT LITE. The benefits of massage acupoints:

1. eliminate dark circles, eye decompression, improve neck stiffness, eliminate shoulder pain, migraine, etc..

2. attending headache, dizziness, fever, cold, neck pain, red eyes and swelling, tears, wind and tears, night blindness, nose, nosebleeds, deafness, airlock, stroke, mouth and eye, malaria, sputum Gas, stiff neck,

urticaria, erysipelas, and neurasthenia, epilepsy, high blood pressure, goiter, optic atrophy, etc.

3. relieve top-heavy, eye fatigue, neck pain, insomnia, hangover, etc.

EFFIT LITE is an electromagnetic vibration of 4-20microns in the micron spectrum, make blood circulate more smoothly, stimulate acupuncture points or unblocking the meridian channels, release pain

Don't think that it is healthy enough to exercise. After fitness and exercise, it is easy to have muscle tension. Deep muscle massage is especially important at this time!

Theragun G3PRO takes our professional grade percussive therapy device to the next level.

Our new proprietary gear box reduces the noise by 50% while maintaining our strict performance standards.