MiiN iMask review by a pharmacist Youtuber, Sara ElBaff

A pharmacist Youtuber, Sara ElBaff did a trial of LED light therapy by MiiN iMask, to deal with her active acne and acne scarring, and shared her product review after 2 months use of MiiN iMask. Let see how MiiN iMask works to acne and pore issues.
MiiN iMask, designed and made in South Korea, bringing high-end dermatologist centres home. It has seven kinds of LED energy light, which can be managed by Apps, and the facial skin can be divided into 16 blocks for DIY skin management.Moisturizing, whitening, repairing, calming, firming, anti-aging, like a mask without additional skin care products. 10 minutes a day, allowing you to easily enjoy Korean skin management at home.
MiiN iMask link : https://bit.ly/39e5DbI

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