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YA-MAN RF Beaute Cavi Spa uses CAVI (fat-dissolving), RF (radio frequency), EMS (micro-current stimulation) three functions, which can eliminate fat and stimulate deep skin and let it react! Waterproof performance allows you to use it while bathing. When the body temperature rises, it will metabolize faster and achieve the desired effect!

YA-MAN RF Beaute Cavi Spa the facial mode can regenerate collagen through RF to tighten the loose skin, and can also exercise facial muscles to achieve lift up effect. The built-in ultrasonic intensity of the body mode is increased by 20%, which makes the fat-dissolving slimming more effective!

YA-MAN RF Beaute Cavi Spa can be used together with slimming Gel, Shishedo Advanced Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Gel is a good choice. Light and cool body sculpting gel texture applied to thighs, buttocks, waist and arms. It is easy, effective to repel orange peel and lift up your skin.


YA-MAN RF Beaute Cavi Spa can be more effective when bathing, because when body temperature rises by 1°C, the metabolism will enhance, and usually body temperature will rise up by about 14% when bathing. Therefore, it can have a more desirable effect.

Want to reshape and slim, YA-MAN RF Beaute Cavi Spa is a safe, effective and reliable slimming new technology.