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YAMAN M18-HK RF Photo PLUS Shiny

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. Use DAILY Mode for everyday care and WEEKLY Mode for special care. WEEKLY Mode has 4 sub-modes. Select the most appropriate mode according to your desired skin condition

. DAILY Mode takes just 3 minutes per treatment. Delivers beauty ingredients deep into the skin (to the stratum corneum) also providing facial muscle care.

. WEEKLY Mode offers a 13 minutes treatment with 4 steps (CLEAN to COOL), designed to be used 2-3 times a week for thorough and beneficial treatment.

Improved EYE CARE

. Warm and delicate treatment for around the eyes. With RF (radio frequency) and a low micro-current, the mode gently cares for the delicate skin around the eyes, leading to a bright impression of the eye area.

1-2MHz RF (Radio Frequency)

. The level of RF coverage is deeper and further, deep into the different layers of the skin, accelerating the activation of collagen growth.


Unique Rounded Head

The dome-shaped head gives a smoother touch to the skin. Medical grade stainless-steel electrodes are adopted.

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