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Home version HIFU beauty instrument

- High-energy focused ultrasound HIFU (firming + promoting collagen regeneration)
- Special electric pulses (imported)
- LED (blue, green, red)
- Charging mode
- Mags need to be replaced, about 150,000 rounds/magazine
- US+IP /US /IP: 10 minutes, 1-2 times a week
- LV comprehensive one time, about 300 rounds, once every 14 days

- Made in Japan


Continuous daily care: Through regular skin care, it provides moisture from within to help the skin regain moisture and firmness. DR.HOME Sonic beauty device can be used as part of daily skin care.
Three high-function modes: DR.HOME Sonic beauty instrument is not just a simple skin tightening, it improves skin three-dimensionally through three high-function modes.

1) US mode:
Ultrasonic waves are used to irradiate heat to tighten the skin and achieve its original tightening effect. Acts on the dermis (~fascia layer) to promote collagen regeneration, elasticize the skin, tighten contours, improve local blood and lymph circulation, promote metabolism, increase cell permeability, and make the skin elastic and shiny.

2) IP mode:
Special electrical pulses are used to create channels on the surface of the skin, delivering useful ingredients directly to where the skin needs them without damaging cells for maximum effect. Acts on the epidermis ~ dermis, helping beauty ingredients to be quickly and deeply introduced for beauty and skin rejuvenation.

3) LED light therapy mode:
Blue light: creates healthy skin, inhibits oil secretion and inhibits skin inflammation (even skin tone)
Green light: dilute melanin (creating transparent skin)
Red light: whitening and brightening (improves skin)

Through the above features, DR.HOME Sonic beauty instrument can comprehensively improve the firmness and moisture of the skin, and provide a variety of functional care for the skin, so that you can have skin full of elasticity and radiance.

Brand: DR. HOME
Model: SONIC HIFU Beauty Device
Main Feature: Improves skin three-dimensionally through three high-function modes.
Specail Feature: Comprehensively improve skin’s firmness and moisture
Type: HIFU
Voltage (V): 100 — 240V
Place of Manufacture: Japan
Warranty (Month): 34