FOREO UFO™ 3 Deep facial hydration anti-aging device (Fuchsia)

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Helps the active ingredients from your mask absorb deep into skin, where they work best for optimal hydration and results.

Firms and relieves the skin, so you can say goodbye to wrinkles and puffiness while minimizing pores.

Offers the full spectrum of wavelengths to revitalize the complexion in just minutes.

Gently relaxes facial muscle tension points and boosts circulation, leaving skin refreshed, with a visibly healthy glow.

100% waterproof and ultra-hygienic. Up to 50 mins of use per USB charge.

Increase skin moisture by 126% in just 2 mins.
Treat your skin to the benefits of 5 anti-aging spa facials. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 1 week. UFO™ 3 directly combats the results of skin losing moisture and suppleness as you age, while firming skin with cooling Cryo-therapy.

Unlike traditional moisturizers and masks, UFO™ 3's Hyper-Infusion technology provides deep, long-lasting hydration - which helps to push the active ingredients in your skincare deep into the dermis, where they work best. Making this device an essential to prep yourself for a younger-looking, radiant complexion all day long.

- Clinically proven to increase skin moisture by 126% in 2 mins and be more effective than a sheet mask.
- Clinically proven to reduce the look of wrinkles in just 1 week.
Features a rejuvenating mask treatment , heating, cooling, LED therapy & massage.
Deeply nourishes, seals in moisture, and soothes dryness.
Protects skin from premature aging, leaving it smoother and firmer.

Product Features
8 kinds of IPL for multi-dimensional healing
Red light, blue light, green light, orange light, purple light, blue light, white light and yellow light, a total of 8 kinds of colored light, can penetrate deep into the dermis and effectively solve various skin problems. Constant light mode with stable light source and high-efficiency skin care, pulse mode promotes blood circulation and enhances the penetration of colored light.
T-Sonic™ pulsating deep soothing massage
Andnbsp; Unimpeded, the effect is multiplied and the beauty is advanced.

How to use


Secure mask
Start with clean and dry skin. Remove the attachment ring from UFO™ 3 and remove your UFO™ activated mask from the sachet. Then secure the mask onto the device by clipping the attachment ring back in place.


Select treatment
Turn on UFO™ 3 by pressing the universal button. Press the universal button again (up to 8 times) to select one of 8 pre-set treatments. Or select the specialized treatment for your UFO™ activated mask on the app.


Using your UFO™ 3 device, massage the mask formula into your skin with circular motions around the face, until the treatment ends.

Download manual

Brand: Foreo
Model: UFO 3 F1528
Production Description: INCREASE MOISTURE IN 2 MINS REDUCE WRINKLES IN 1 WEEK - Experience supple, smooth and radiant skin every single day. This heated face mask device with full-spectrum LED deeply hydrates, massages and revitalizes skin in just 2 mins. It's everything you need to prep and protect your skin for a long- lasting youthful complexion.
Place of Manufacture: China
Warranty (Month): 24