JUJY Collagen Revitalizing RF Device Pro

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1. Cinema-level energy approval, RF radio frequency + radio frequency introduction + microcurrent, with the help of red and blue light therapy, maintain the youthful appearance of the skin
2. Multi-frequency variable radio frequency, the energy goes directly to the dermis layer, activating collagen in the whole face, making the skin elastic, firm and energetic.
3. Built-in precise temperature control system, quick to start, switching temperature control to the best 42℃, comfortable and non-scalding
4. Injections are introduced to double the penetration and make the skin more hydrated.
5. 24K gold anti-allergic flat RF head, reducing the coefficient and fitting the skin

JUJY Collagen Revitalizing RF Device Pro

Product Function

1. DEEP firming mode: 3 minutes of first aid, lifting and firming
Stimulate and exercise facial muscles through 737±3Hz bionic micro-current, effectively lift and tighten nasolabial folds/jaw line/loose face, etc., lighten lines and wrinkles, and increase skin elasticity.

2. RF skin rejuvenation mode: revitalize collagen, bounce skin and rejuvenate skin
Release 1-3MHz frequency-changing strong radio frequency energy, which can reach the collagen accumulation area 3mm deep under the skin, causing the tightening of collagen fibers and the deposition of new collagen fibers, stimulating the new generation of collagen, elastic and tender skin, and keeping the skin "tight and youthful" .

3. MAX penetration mode: deep perfusion nutrition directly to the bottom of the muscle
It is recommended to be used with collagen and anti-aging skin care products. Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration decomposes the molecules of skin care products, helps to open pores, exerts penetrating force and pushes into the dermis of the skin, effectively improves the absorption of the muscle bottom, fully absorbs nutrients, and moisturizes the skin bright.

4. Equipped with dual photon
Red light—rejuvenates and brightens, repairs and rejuvenates the skin
Blue light—calming and soothing, fine pores

5. NTC intelligent temperature control
Built-in precise temperature control system, the temperature of the epidermis is controlled at 42°C, ensuring that the dermis absorbs enough energy while preventing the epidermis from being burned by high temperature.

Product Features

RF energy upgrade: 3MHz upgrade, better firming and anti-aging effect, stronger anti-wrinkle effect; frequency conversion frequency 1-3MHz, adaptive to different areas of the face
Super cost-effective: composite RF radio frequency + EMS micro-current + LED red and blue light + 3 million times/second ultrasonic introduction function Super cost-effective under the same type of products, one machine activates the whole face collagen
Built-in precise temperature control system, skin temperature control 42°, safe to use
Newly upgraded theater-level energy introduction, 3mm deep into the dermis, deeply penetrates the dermis, and deeply awakens collagen

Power Supply mode: Type-C charging
Voltage: 3.7V
Input: 5V⎓1A
Battery capacity: 2500mAh
Charging time: 2.5h
Use time: about 1h

Brand: JUJY
Model: Collagen Revitalizing RF Device Pro
Main Feature: Moisturizes, repairs sensitive skin, and helps regenerate collagen
Specail Feature: Multi-frequency radio frequency activation of collagen, micro-current ultrasound introduction, red and blue light therapy
Place of Manufacture: China
Warranty (Month): 12