Never show up empty-handed in Christmas!

Never show up empty-handed in Christmas!

Never show up empty-handed in Christmas!

Christmas is coming, and it is the day most gentlemen feel headache! If you have a girlfriend or your love one, how can you not send her a Christmas gift with full of love? Give your man a little inspiration and choose a romantic Christmas gift here!

1. MacBook Air

(Photo source:Apple)

Still iPhone? It's better to send Apple's Macbook Air peach gold version! Macbook Air is 17% smaller than the previous MacBook Air, with a Retina display, and the resolution is increased to 4 million pixels. Apple has introduced a fairy gold peach champagne gold version, so that your girlfriend will fall in love!


2. Bruno Toaster Grill

(Photo source:Broadway)

If your girlfriend likes to cook, send her Bruno's uncovered barbecue grill. Bruno Toaster Grill Is only about A4 size, but it can be used as a barbecue or a cooker, even baking a cake is possible! Hong Kong has launched a purple limited edition, which is worth collecting!

3. DYSON Airwrap

Dyson has always been a lady's choice, a curly hair artifact Airwrap, suitable for girls who usually love hairstyling. Dyson Airwrap is a versatile hair styling applicator that absorbs hair onto a reel through high-speed, high-pressure airflow for curling. It can not be heated more than 150 degrees, does not hurt hair, even if it is not completely dry hair can be used, there are two versions of 30mm and 40mm, there are clockwise and counterclockwise wind, both sides can be used, the soft and hard Two smooth combs to cater for the needs of different hair types.

4. Beauty Device

The most important thing for Pretty woman is skin quality, this home use Hifu clinical test proven it can correct 6 major area: Wrinkle reduction/Skin elasticity/Facial lifting/Moisture content increase/Pore improvement/Dermal density


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